Power ups automatically activated

My power ups are automatically activated as soon as I receive them! How do I fix that?

Hi @Telby, the only power up that automatically activates is the plus sign that gives you extra XP. Is that what you are experiencing?

No, unfortunately it’s all the power ups!

What device are you using for Zwift? Do you have a keyboard, the space bar will activate powerups as a shortcut.

Thought I’d try removing the key board & mouse and just use the companion app.

Terry, I’m having the same problem. After the first ride where this happened, I uninstalled the Companion app and then re-downloaded it. The issue resolved for several rides and then it started doing it again during my ride tonight. I think that the common denominator is that my phone was sitting on my computer and may have been pushing on my spacebar. This would explain why the powerups were automatically activating. I’m going with that for now!

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