Automatic Power-Ups?

(Andrew Devine WBR (B)) #1

First ride after the update and power-ups are triggering automatically. Is this a bug or a new thing? I don’t use power-ups and I’d be happy to disable them completely.

(David K) #2

Generally, when new updates cause issues, they’re reported frequently. This is actually the first I’m hearing about power-up concerns. Have you already tried force-stopping Zwift and rebooting your Zwift device?

Normally, you either have to press the space bar on PC, tap the power-up icon on Mac or iOS, or tap the power-up icon on Zwift Companion. Are you saying without doing any of that, the power-up is triggering automatically?

(Andrew Devine WBR (B)) #3

Thanks a lot, that did the trick. Problem solved.

And yes just for the record after the update the power-ups were triggering themselves without any input from me on the keyboard or through the app.

(David K) #4

Last time I ran into something like this, it was because one of our members had worked up a sweat, used a power up, and the drop of sweat on the Companion Device continued triggering power-ups afterward automatically.

I doubt that’s the concern. I’m just glad you were able to fix it.