The bodyless rider

This morning on a group ride my avatar kept glitching. Approx every 5mins, the page would freeze, then my body would drop out. Also bikes going cross country adjacent to me. It would come back after approx 2mins, then happen again. I tried resetting system and rejoining ride - no change.
I have attached pic.

I am currently doing the tour so keen to resolve any issues before the Alp!!
zwift|320x240 .
I have another friend who has experienced similar issues so thought I would log it

This could help us help you:

Also this either sounds like a system that is really struggling (low specs) or you have a poor internet connection (or both).

Did a check on internet connectivity - no issues. The system I use hasn’t changed in the past 3 years, so it would seem odd that it is now occurring.

Can you post the complete specs of your setup so we can help in determining the issue.

I’ve just tried a speed test on a different device - it was shite! all mobile devices are 50mbps, this one is 10. Looks like it is the connection somewhere - seems to be intermittent with some devices off the wifi.

You can test if it is a internet speed issue or a hardware issue with Zwift very easily.

Start a ride, disconnect from the internet (you will be alone in Zwift) and see if there are any issues with your avatar disappearing.

You can also drop your log files into

Still would like to see a complete rundown of your setup so we can better assist you. You computer may not meet the minimum specs and is struggling to keep up.

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What video card and did you put your log files into the link I posted ealier?

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No sorry, havent put my log files in yet.

have now dropped files in. From test just done (no dropouts), and this morning (lots of issues)

Can you post the results so we can help diagnose the issue.

What test and what issues?

My guess is that your video card is struggling.