TGIF ride: all other riders disappeared

(Michael Kaminsky) #1

During last nights TGIF ride there were 83 of us. 2 minutes into to ride all riders except my own avatar disappeared for the entire 5 laps. Other riders experienced this too. I could tell from conversations on TeamSpeak. My activity showed up as a partial with no mileage completed. Luckily I was able to upload the file to Strava off my PC. WHAT HAPPENED ZWIFT?:rage::rage:

(DENNIS Walls) #2

Same goes for me.

(Maurizio Gigliotti) #3

  +1 Same for me.

(B iG Engine NSDQ!) #4

Same last couple of days


(Jason K) #5

The TGIF ride issue was due to a server fix going wrong. We’ve already come up with several safeguards and tests to make sure this is less likely to happen again during an event. Sorry for the trouble, everyone!

If you’ve seen issues outside of that, it’s likely your network, and you should troubleshoot around that.