Everybody Disappeared But Me (London)

(S Shorland) #1

I rode around the London course this morning and while ‘cycling’ up the hill,every other rider disappeared.I mean all the dots showing their locations and nobody passed me.Can’t say if I ‘saw’ someone in front disappear now but just thought you’d like to know.Sounds more like your end than mine but I’m not a computer expert.Just a strange experience like the last man on earth.It lasted a minute or two maybe then all came back.Love the site.

(John Goh) #2

Me too! I joined the Cervelo 180km TT and midway through everyone just disappeared about 30km in. I thought nothing of it and continued till I finished the 180km which took pretty much the whole day (legs didn’t want to cooperate) only to find it didn’t upload to Strava and it was a partial file recorded in the Zwift log. So frustrating to not have the stats recorded!!! Now I don’t have time to complete it again before month end. Sort your bugs out Zwift. It’s not the first time a ride is corrupted!

(L M [X]) #3

getting the same from time to time

(Maurizio Gigliotti) #4

Me too! I tried browser works just fine.