TFA Stage 3 completed, I get the activity but no ranking nor badge

As per the title: I have completed stage 3 D race for TFA, I see the activity in my activity feed but I don’t get the badge nor the ranking… is there anything I should do or do I have to contact support ?

Did you get the badge for the first two stages? It might take a bit of time for it to show up.

If you did the group ride you wont see a results, only the race has results.

Looking at your ride it look like you had internet dropouts, the picture show no other riders on screen and no rider list. This happen if your internet drop out.

Hey there, thanks for answering.

I have got the badge for the first 2 races, and I have completed the stage 3 race.

It shows in my activity feed with a wrong time, without a rank and without granting the badge. It shows correctly (with the right time) in Strava: Guarda la mia attività su Strava:

@Marco_Massara: In looking at the ‘photo’ of your activity in Zwift Companion, it appears that you are the only rider listed, and there is not even a placing being shown (–/219). My guess is that you lost your internet connection at some point during the ride, so Zwift doesn’t think you actually completed the race.

Did you experience any issues like this? Did other riders appear and disappear during the event?

Yes, it happened once.

Anyway in Strava everything is listed correctly (timing and race)… It is weird that in Zwift and Zwift companion I get a different timing and no badge, while in Strava (that gets the data from Zwift) timing and activity shows correctly…

And BTW, I have also got Zwift mail about completing Stage 3 race, so Zwift “knows” I did it…