Losing connection (even for few moments) means no race participation recognition?

Hey Zwift, I see both here as well as on Zwift Power forums post about people experiencing what I did: get into a race, have some (even minor) connectivity issues, ending anyway the race, uploading activity without problems and seeing the activity everywhere (feed, Companion, Strava, Zwift mail) but… No rank.

We disappear from the ranking of the race, and we don’t get the tick for the TFA race participation. Those are the only 2 things missing, as the activity is listed everywhere.

In my case, I was in the 18,10 TFA race, stage 3 last Friday.

If I knew that even some minor connectivity issues would have prevented my race results to be recognized, I could have left the race and joined the later one, starting at 18,40.

So my question is: is it true that if we experience even minor connectivity issues, there is a strong (almost certain) possibility we don’t get race participation recognition ?

I am not asking to argue, as connectivity was my issue… I would just like to know so not to waste time again in the future in races that can’t be recognized…

Thanks !

Zwift is notorious for connectivity issues sensitivity… :cry:

To me it’s just a matter of knowing it so not to waste time…

The activity has been listed in feed, in Companion and I even got Zwift mail. I had no problems whatsoever in uploading it

But I am not in the rank, nor I have got the tick in the TFA slot. And if I do a race on Zwift, it’s because I want to see my performance in ranking and I want to get it recognized as ticked among TFA races.

If I knew it, I could simply quit that race and join the one starting 30 mins after, or do something else.

So to me it’s just a matter of understanding, during a race, how to quickly understand if I will not be in the ranking and get recognition.

If it is due to any minor connection issues, then fine… As soon as I see a minor issue I quit… But I just want to be sure this is the case, or if there is anything else I should look for…