text on the roads (twitter feed)

(Luke Ramsey CAM C) #1

hi guys

thought of this while on the island…

So i remember a couple weeks/months back there was a suggestion that you allow people to write messages on the road - why not take it a step further and setup part of the road (or different parts) as twitter feeds.


So @zwift and different hashtags (on a foreign keyboard cant find the hashtag) so %zwiftsprint %zwiftKOM %SQUIRREL! etc…

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

Waaay too open to abuse! :wink:

(Andrew Jarrod) #3

Daren.  I agree with you during Beta.  But this is a cool idea.  You could even use this to write news headlines from the BBC on the roads (especially up the hills where I have loads of time to read them) or the local weather forecast !  Now that would be useful.

Once in live I think people writing messages could be a good idea because if you break the rules then you risk being reported and your account being suspended or terminated.  When people are paying for a service they tend to be a lot more responsible.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #4

Have you met people?! :wink:

With something like this, particularly news headlines or such, it would have to be a configurable item so you can turn them off. Like sprays in CounterStrike or TeamFortress 2. 

I reckon it would also be good to have a similar system though - i.e. a “spray” that can be applied to a part of the road. Would be limited to being in one location. 


(Konrad Konrad (RadSportKollektiv)) #5

I would appreciate to have the name of the winner of the climb on the road (owner of the jersey). It is a TdF-feeling to read the own name on the road. 

(Luke Ramsey CAM C) #6

Konrad, you are onto something here! Love it! 

Worth showing how long theyve held it for (out of the hour)?

If possible too we could have the previous holder below with a chalk “X” through their name :slight_smile:

(Mitchell Giles - AHDR) #7

I like the idea of painting messages on the road for people you are following to see (maybe invisible to others…as might get a bit messy)  

Problem would be censoring.  Maybe the person you paint it for has to accept the message for them.  That way the person who see it censors it