Allow Zwifters to add chalk messages on hills

I think Zwifters should be allowed to draw hilariously bad messages of encouragement in chalk on the hills. 

Of course there would have to be some moderation/ban hammering for those who post inappropriate material, but on balance I think it would be more positive than not.

(The messages would be “hilariously bad” due to drawing with trackpads and computer mice)

Upon further reflection this could be made both easier to implement as well as easier to police by:


  • Having messages be input via text box
  • The messages would be displayed using Zwift’s “chalk” font
  • Since all input text is now machine readable it is easy to auto-filter, leaving humans to flag for overly promotional material and other tougher-to-program for violations

The text entry should have a color picker

This idea rocks.  A few thoughts that could make it easier:


  • Make the chalk action as something you do pre-ride.  This simplifies the user experience issues of keyboard access while riding.
  • If you do it while riding, do something similar to the “ride on” button when viewing someone else and have some canned phrases.  While this limits creativity it does eliminate the moderation requirement.

This might be out there a little, but I wonder if the Zwift community could self-police. Thumbs down votes it down. Three votes and it leaves the road. Three removed phrases from the road and your account can no longer post.

Self promoting advertising website rubbish with the occasional motivational or witty comment littering the pristine virtual countryside. I’ll pass!

I am guessing that SPONSORS will pay to chalk, so the ability to chalk really will not come to riders …

I think this is a good idea…maybe while your in “just watch” mode as a spectator.  I’m certain there would be some sponsored areas but some dedicated to spectators as well.

I love this idea.  Zwift could could make chalk an “in-app purchase”.  Say $.99 for a stick of chalk that gets you maybe 25 or 50 characters.  Premium chalks like gold glitter or super fat at a higher price.

Members would love it and Zwift could profit.  Maybe with other in-app purchases Zwift could decrease monthly dues.