Terrible Program

(D) #1

I spent over 18 minutes trying to connect today and I have everything covered. Good strong connection, good strong computer with a very strong wifi signal. I really find it hard to understand how they charge $16 dollars a month for a program that would be at the early access stage on Steam. This program is a piece of garbage and I will not spend any additional money on crap. You want to charge $5.00 per month, fine? Not this much. Just a real pain in the butt and so disappointed, I will not recommend to anyone.

(Martyn) #2

Meanwhile 3000+ other zwifters are online & riding unhindered…

(Vincent) #3

Real sorry to hear that Zwift gave you some trouble! If you do decide to come back and ride/run with us and you happen to run into trouble again, feel free to contact our support team, search for the solution on our Support Hub, or ask our awesome community here :slight_smile: . We really hope you’ll try us out again!

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(G) #4

Your cat looks annoyed as well :slightly_smiling_face:

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(Nigel ) #5

“Trumpster” as a name. Need I say anymore.

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