terminal app on mac

Why the terminal app opens when i start Zwift?


It just opens for now as we continue to work on the Mac Launcher for Zwift. It’s not permanent.


It still opens even though Zwift is now out of beta. I guess you’re opening it to debug / as a developper mode? But it’s really annoying… Couldn’t you have a public version that doesn’t open it and a developper mode for you guys that opens it?


Are you running it from the shortcut on the dashboard? It shouldn’t open anymore and hasn’t for several versions (I am on a Mac at work).

Hi, sorry to hijack this one. I am using a MBPro and every time I open up Zwift from the launcher it brings up the terminal without checking for an upgrade.


If I open from the dock it doesn’t search for an update, but does bring up the terminal window.


Quite annoying as Zwift is one of my favourite programs :wink: and has a pride of place in the dock.


Hi Jason,

Sounds like you’re running an old version of Zwift. Just download the latest version of our installer from the website (under Free Trial) and reinstall it.

The terminal stopped opening up many, many versions ago. :slight_smile:


A few days ago, I downloaded Zwift from your website for my Macbook Pro using the Free Trial button and Terminal opens every single time I open Zwift from my dock. Further, the only way I am able to quit Zwift is to click the red button of the program window. There is nothing in the Swift App drop down menu, where I would imagine I would find a Quit Program option. Perhaps there remains an issue with the current version that you suggest should be working properly from your free trial link.

Regardless, can you tell me what I should do now so that the program functions correctly, with proper opening and closing, including proper uninstall/reinstall instructions should that be the direction you suggest? Thank you. I look forward to properly installing and using your product.

Terminal literally just started opening up. It didn’t used to do this. Very weird - on latest but one version! Will delete and re-install from website to see if it makes a difference

Just downloaded zwift on a new MacBook pro and the terminal app is opening every time I open the app.

Hi Liam,

You might be using an older launcher. Did you re-download the launcher from our website just now? Try uninstalling Zwift completely, downloading it from our website, and then reinstalling it.


Hi - I had the same issue today. I’m using the most current ZwiftApp and am running macOS 10.12.6

Hi Eric,

Did you download the latest installer from our website? Or are you just updating via the Zwift application?

Same issue for me - just downloaded today for first time to try and I get the terminal open every time. It also doesn’t always close either. Computer seems to br running very hot as well - certainly the fan is working hard. Is this normal with Zwift or a bug?

I downloaded from the Zwift website, am running Mac OS High Sierra and Zwift 1.0.21832


Same issue. Just downloaded from Zwift website this past week. 

I have to mention that when I first downloaded it, it wasn’t doing this. 

This is something that started happening today for the first time. 

Same issue here. Always terminal when starting up. Using MacBook Pro 2012 with High Sierra. And USB ANT+ dongle

And often prog freeze. Especially during connecting Wahoo Kicker and Tickr.

Today during cycling Zwiftapp even stopped suddenly. Not funny.

Poor app.

Maybe I have to look for a better app. Any suggestions?


I am having the same issue and have already taken some troubleshooting steps:

Deleted Zwift App


Installed new version (1.0 is the only version I can get).

Enabled auto-update

Terminal still launches in the background when I try to use the Zwift app for Mac 

I am launching from the applications folder not the Dock

Same here, Terminal always runs when loading Zwift.

Same steps as previous posts.


Terminal loads when starting from the dock (iMac) but not from the applications folder.