Zwift Crashes during terminal

(Madison Shepherd) #1

Hey, So I’m having issues starting up Zwift. I just used it a few days ago and everything opened up fine. Now, I can’t make it past the initial terminal page without it “quitting unexpectedly”. I’m using a Mac and even trying to redownload the program, it won’t go past the initial set up page. Anyone else having the same issues? Help would be greatly appreciated! I just wanna Zwift!

(Bert Moerman) #2

Same here, can’t ride…
Maybe something with me updating to Mojavo a ocuple of days ago?

(Vincent W.) #3


You mention redownloading, did you completely uninstall Zwift from your Mac first? If not, completely uninstall Zwift then redownload the application again. Feel free to update us when you can!

@bert_moerman Are you getting the same “quitting unexpectedly” error Bert? If so, can you try the steps I outlined above?

(Bert Moerman) #4

I didn’t do anything and now it just works again. No idea what happened (did reset my router though…)

(Allan Thurston) #5

Am having the same issues.
Have installed for the first tim to a mini Mac and had no joy with it working so removed it and re installed it. Still not working.
Not the best introduction to zwift.