Team Jersey Resister


It would be nice if we can upload our Team Jersey data and wear it as a personal jersey.

Think this could happen if you can provide us template files in ai, png, jpg, pdf or whatever.

Limiting 1 resister to 1 person may prevent the system going overload.


Even if the Original Jersey only been seem by yourself, and not to other players we be nice. This way the original jersey data stays in your local computer and just shown in your local screen only. 

(C oach Paul Ozier) #2

This morning (Feb 20th) I saw a large group ride departing. Several riders had yellow jerseys with what appeared to be a club name. I had never seen this jersey before, but there were probably 15 to 20 riders with the same jersey. Is there some feature to add your own jersey?

(Martijn Scheffel [@lifebehindbarsnl]) #3

yeah, that would be awesome. I saw a rider with a GCN jersey today and thats a custom one.

(Paul Allen) #4

Here is a link to the available jerseys, including the GCN one:


(Martijn Scheffel [@lifebehindbarsnl]) #5

Thanks Paul, i was just looking over them. I found the link in another topic. There are some nice jersey in there :slight_smile: