TdZ Stage 2 - all connections lost mid ride (two days running)

Kickr Core, Climb & Tickr, Windows 11, using CA on Android

No issues before this weekend (for a good while anyway) but both yesterday & today all connections were lost.

The wattage, HR, etc at the point of the lost connection were still displayed on the CA, but starting/restarting Zwift, the CA or the Kickr made no difference - nothing was found on the pairing screen

Edit - the TdZ ride was going on around me on the laptop but i was obviously stationary, I pedalled in cast it connected back, but both days it didn’t happen, even after restarting Zwift, the CA and the Kickr Core

(FWIW on restarting Zwift the window was initially filled with Wingdings text before bringing up the Zwift spalsh screen)

When I skipped the pairing (as nothing was happening) the game followed N.Valid and all the other Zwifters around N.Valid were nameless, so the connection really was not right.

I had to use the CA as direct BT connection between the laptop and Kickr kept failing, now this is being dodgy… based on the gobbledygook text and the nameless Zwifters on restart, I don’t think it’s the connection to the bike, it must be the Windows app/Zwift servers?

I can’t get Zwift to work on Windows at all since the last Zwift update.

In what way won’t it work? Please post up a lot more detail on that, and include your PC’s specs.

Hi, anyone else suffered anything like my issue, or any advice from those in support?

Lost connection at stage 2 and 3, again today at long ride. Screen just froze on screen and on CA. Then zwift just disappeared and that was that. That’s beyond annoying. Started first after last update, on ride up aple du zwift, never before recent years