TDZ ride not showing up

So completed TDZ group ride stage 8 © and my iPad showed I finished ride (went through the banner, got the stats, etc). However, ride did not show on companion app for 30 minutes. When it finally did show on companion app, it did not show that I rode stage 8…it shows my route as “02/09/2021”…so weird. I did get the email saying that I completed stage 8. And it’s on Zwiftpower as stage 8 completed. These glitches are weird and frustrating. Why the inconsistencies? BTW, My ride #5 never showed up on ZP and no one ever answered my question on forum about this


Same for me for ride #6, the application crashed while saving if I remind correctly.

I got an email of confirmation about the completion of the ride but zwift is not showing that and my ride is incorrect…

So how to do??


Not sure. My #5 never showed up on ZP. And I don’t think anything will happen with this. Pretty standard response is “oh, well, nothing we can do.”

same with me

I try it tomorrow again.

same here on Stage 8

My stage 5 was there today. So weird. Wasn’t there for the last 2 weeks. :woman_facepalming: