TDZ not showing on Zwiftpower

Same here for TdZ cat A

Result of TdZ Stage 1 is missing,
zwiftpower Event: zid=2556548
does not appear in Activities,
does not appear in my profile -zid=40281

But it does appear in Strava: activities/6502544817
and it does appear in my zwift account: activity: 989220680413216800

What is wrong?

I have the same problem. Very frustrating.
Long TdZ ride yesterday at 19.00 Oslo time not uploaded to zwiftpower.

Same here

I rode the TDZ Stage 1 Long Ride ytd at 6pm (Berlin time), but its missing as activity in ZP. I can see it though as activity in the Companion app.

I had same issue with standard ride, same start hour.

Hi Zwift and ZwiftPower

On the 10/1-2022, 18:00, I did the first TdZ Stage 1: Long Ride, but I’m not yet in the result list. Is there a that?

Henrik Abild Jensen, Zwift ID: 938692

17:00 (UK) RGV Long Ride (A) not setup on Zwift Power ?
edit - I know the 18:00 onwards ones are :frowning:

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Completed tdz events do show up on ZP and also do include results on ZP from what I can tell at the moment.


Ride is named Waistband, forgot it does this for multi-route stages (user error :slight_smile: )
RGV - turns out I’m a lot slower the Freddie Ovett, who knew !

I did the 1700(UTC) TDZ ( zid=2556548 )with a few thousand others (A/long route) - but ZP only shows 288 (As). It doesn’t show in my Rides either. Should it?

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Sorry, I don’t know. You are registered with Zwiftpower?

Hi Eric, yes it should show more, I’m supposed to be listed under the As as well at ~1h08
Zwift had me at ~1560 so might just creep i under the 1,000 on ZP, here’s hoping :slight_smile:
(matchingride time & zid number)

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Yes. Or I wouldn’t be complaining about it not being in there. :grin:

My ride appears in Zwift Companion and Strava fine (and the TDZ page shows I completed it)
I’m not terribly concerned about my own #s (I have them) - more just curious from a technical perspective if the ZwiftPower implementation has technical issues with larger events, but also wondering why there aren’t at least a few more people asking the same question.

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Completed TdZ stage 1 today (Jan 10, 9am PST start). Shows up in zPower activities but not in my profile:

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I would like more information on this also. Today I started a ride 30 minutes after the start - it dropped my avatar in the course at mile 10 and then I only completed 7 miles to the finish. So I only did part of the ride - it did not let me continue on the Tour De Zwift route to complete the full ride. I was surprised and do not know if that counts. Can someone help?

Same issue here. And as I came around 1699th, I’d expect hundreds of others’ results are also not listed. Disappointing as it was a big effort and big performance by my modest standards

I did Stage 1A at 9am UTC today and my results look normal.

I expect a significant number of those who entered are not on ZwiftPower.

Sorry to hear about this. You should have been able to finish the ride. I’ll keep an eye out for similar experiences.