Tour de Zwift 2022 FAQ

Sorry if this was already asked…
Do we have to complete each stage during a specific event time? For example, if I hop on at 5:30 verse the scheduled 5:03 time, will I be able to still join and get credit? Or do I really need to hit the event time?

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Does ZHQ have the TdZ rides setup to “Shows Results” – these stage rides don’t show up on Zwifthacks Events, so can’t check myself?

I think if this capability for event leaders to show results on rides were taken away, you’d have quite a lot of grumbling – certainly more than if you leave it in.

Is there a discord channel for TdZ rides? Otherwise the social aspect is the message function? I could be off-base but I have to think the vast majority of riders don’t message, at least after the start. OTOH, I think a lot of riders, though they know they’re not technically participating in a ‘race’, will put in their best effort and might well be interested to see how they did against other members of the field. If I were a runner and participated in the NYC Marathon, I’d be interested in the same, even though I’d have no expectation of coming in anywhere close to contention for any prize.

Of course participants don’t know who else is also putting in best efforts, though they may have a feel for this looking at the results of those in a pack near them at the end and how their ride behavior looked.

These aren’t set to show results and I don’t think we have done for large series for some time. I think you’re replying across two different threads though John.

No… Gerrie moved this post out of the other thread. So TdZ stages won’t show on Zwiftpower?

Hi John, The TdZ tends to have more people who chat on the messaging function compared to some other events, simply because the large numbers who enter mean there are more people who want to chat! This is one of the reasons I love the TdZ.

If you’re in an event with me (such as the “A” ride 1 1/2 hours from now), then please say hi - I’ll be chatting if other people are! And if you’re in a different event and it’s quiet then I recommend you just start the conversation. Often there are a lot of people who want to chat, but who just don’t want to be the first to say hello!

And for those who don’t want the chat, here’s how you can shut people like me up:

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Yes 1700 UTC for me too.

@JamesBailey my post got moved to the zwiftpower post, but it was about not getting credit for stage 1. @S_Linn also had this problem.

here’s my post again:

i late-joined about 10 mins after the start of the stage 1 A-ride. i did 43 out of 49k. in past TDZ events, this always gave me credit for the stage.

when i crossed the finish, the “distance to go” countdown time started counting up, and it didn’t really seem like i had finished the ride, but everyone that was with me or ahead of me disappeared and i was in “1st” place.

i put in a ticket to support, but it’s not a big deal to re-do it if they can’t help me. these weeknight rides are hard to time exactly for me on the hour, though, so it’ll cramp my ability to finish some of the tour rides.

Thanks Dan. I’m not certain if late join allows credit for the event but I’m trying to find out for you.

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Hi, 2 questions:

  • If I can’t make the TDZ stage ride that I signed up for (work most likely), can I change the stage that I attend? And, how to do?
  • Where do I get the list of when the stages are scheduled?

Thank you.

You can select another time slot and attend that one. On the companion app you can find the events.

See the first post in this tread (scroll up all the way to the top)

Thank you Gerrie. Had an interesting and frustrating experience today.

Signed up for the short route and made it with a minute to go. Got ZC started, found the Day 1 Stage and selected it in ZC, opened ZA and found myself in the stage, clicked on the menu to pair the iWatch which then would not pair. Darn, didn’t think it would pose a problem simply to restart everything.

Restarted ZC but couldn’t get to the short ride that I had signed up for (all the top of the hour selections were no longer available - I thought I hard read we had 30 minutes to start?). Thought ok, I’ll see if I can get into the stage in ZA. Saw a TDZ ride in the upper right side of the screen and after several tries couldn’t get it to open. Instead got a message at bottom of screen asking if I wanted to join. Hooray! I said yes and finally found myself in TDZ stage with the HR working. However, it joined the standard ride not the short one that I had selected. There was no way to select the short ride anywhere I could see. (WHY isn’t there a selection process if you join a ride? Can’t be that hard).

I dropped out of the ride since I knew I didn’t have the time. Disappointed. Not sure what happened here or why the process worked so poorly. There are great improvement opportunities here. I’d even like to know what to do differently next time.

This is probably the biggest part of your problem. Even after year of riding on Zwift I would not wait that long before starting. 10min before the ride is scheduled I need to on the bike riding in a world waiting for the join event button. I go to the pen 5 minutes before the start.

The 30 minutes is if you already sighed up for the event. But you will see the event in the Zwift game top right that you can join.

You need to click on the little A B C D to pick the event.

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Hi @Maria_Saiz ,
Zwift published an update to the Companion app yesterday. Install it and go to Events: there’s a new, temporary filter that is dedicated to this series. Tick its box and you’ll only see the TdZ rides, which makes searching and registering so much simpler.

thank you. set that filter. and it’s so much better… Hooray, I see the Thursday and Friday stages too.

Thank you. Very interesting that you have to show up that much earlier. I finally got to my bike with a minute and it was working ok until I had to reboot all the apps. And, I will try to make it with more minutes before the start.

Yes, I had signed up about 1/2 hour earlier; it was on my ZC. I clicked on the event in ZA but didn’t know that I needed to select D to get to the exact event. Would be better if the app asked when one wasn’t selected. This is a user interface design lack.

I love the riding and wish the app was a little more clear. I’m still trying to figure out if clicking on the <> arrows when the route selections/ direction pops up changes the direction of the ride. More to learn, very much a newbie.

BTW, how do you know there is an update to ZC? I don’t remember seeing or getting anything to update.

Ha ha! :sweat_smile: I just spend far too much time scouring these Forums.
In another thread last night, one of the regulars @Dave_ZPCMR (guru on all things IT, especially PC-related) said in passing that the Companion app had just been updated. Sure enough, I found an update in the Apple Store.

Sometimes when a major update of ZC is published, a general announcement is made in the Forums, but not always. When a new version of Zwift itself is released (apparently a new one is ‘imminent’… so next day or two), there’s a release notes thread that gets posted.

Thanks Roule, good to know. So you have to manually update the app? it doesn’t happen in the background? Very interesting. And surprising that there’s not better way that Swift has found given that most other businesses know how to do this.

From an IT information architect who has to think about these things…