TdZ 2022 Stage 4 zwift program shut down

Hello, I have done the first three stages of the tour without problems, but when I enter the fourth, a few seconds after the start, zwift exits to windows. if I start zwift again and re-enter stage four, it closes again. I have tried two days with the same result. I can do workouts and routes without any problem. Does anyone know what it could be due to? I don’t know if it has anything to do with it but it started after the update to the latest version, 1.21.2(100353)

Running windows 10 and zwift whitout problems until now.

Thank you.

Which route are you doing, is it Chain Chomper, and if so can you normally ride in Makuri ok?

yes, it is makuri islands, chain chomper, the truth is that I have not tried it, I have never ridden in makuri, tomorrow I will try to see if it will let me. Thanks, whatever it is I’ll put it here.