TdZ 2020 - choosing bike for each stage

Would be great to discuss best bike choice for each stage.
For the first stage group A I was hesitating to use Tron bike vs Specialized Tarmac pro with Lightweight Meilenstain wheels. But finally took the Tarmac Pro.

For the second stage Innsbruck group A 37.2km with 640m elevation will take probably also Specialized Tarmac pro with Lightweight Meilenstain.

Any other thoughts?

I personally tend to stick to the same gear, then I know that all deficiencies are down to me…

The Zwift Lightweight Meilensteins are slower on the flats. They’re not the fastest choice unless the course is dominated by climbing, according to Eric Schlange’s tests:

I took the Tron for 1 and Zipp 454 on s-works for 2.