Tandem Races

 Just an idea for races. Would be fun if you can team up with another Zwifter of choice to participate in tandem races or rides

My wife wouldn’t do that in real life with me, but she would on a virtual tandem.




That would be cool since we are avid tandem riders IRL.

Very cool idea…  I was thinking about how to mount a real tandem on a smart trainer…but the virtual tandem solves that problem much more elegantly!

The algorithm would be somewhat complicated. The captain would need to be specified with weight, height, power output to give proper wind resistance. The stoker would have power added to captain power plus stoker weight added to team weight. The stoker sits in the draft of captain so height would play less role. Player chooses the tandem for bike in profile which would have a weight then chooses who they ride with. Would be so cool and I bet would grow the tandem industry exponentially. Comotion and Santana would contribute dollars toward software development if they were smart! Tandem Races on Zwift!