Virtual Tandem

Create a virtual tandem where any two riders riding at the same time can opt to combine their power (and weight) on a virtual tandem. Their avitars would show up in game together on a Zwift tandem. I know that my girlfriend and I would love this.

I think that will be fun, then we can have some tandem races.

We would love that as well!

How is it this has only two (now three) votes?!?!?!?
They say tandems make or break relationships with approximately equal probability. I suspect the same would be true on a Zwift tandem.
Once the code was in place for a tandem, a triplet would be an obvious extension, or a quad. Basic tandem design is extendible:

Or maybe even an April Fools party bike. Imagine super-tucking this bad boy down the L’Alpe descent:


This would actually be really fun. Especially mixing and matching friends for friendly races!