Fun Feature: Tandems

I had an inspiration based on Ryan Van Praet’s comment that he usually races tandems. How about implementing tandems in Zwift (by summing the power outputs of two riders)?

You could even do something more outlandish and have larger teams (e.g. four person teams driving four wheelers).

I know - not a high priority, but I thought it was a fun idea.

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 Maybe available as a short term incentive when you invite a friend to join zwift. Tandem could expire in two weeks until you invite a new friend to join zwift? 

Owner of said tandem can invite friends already on zwift to ride or use it as a way to show new friend around zwift. Using power-ups changing direction, joining other riders etc.

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THIS is an awesome suggestion! It would certainly bring a whole new dimension to the social aspect of Zwift… especially with couples and close friends.  Here’s an idea:


 - login to Zwift and players sees a clickable “tandem mode” at the RIDE screen. Once player clicks this, screen will switch to a tandem “waiting room” where all players who clicked into the tandem option are listed. Player can then select another player to invite for a Tandem ride

  • both players will then go to a tandem bike & jersey selection screen and choose which it is they want to use/wear

  • tandem mechanics: Zwift will combine (sum up) both player’s individual power output AND body weight… factor in  the added bike weight of a tandem bike versus a regular Zwift road bike (12 lbs -or- whatever is appropriate)

I have friends wondering if this is something that Zwift would consider… such a cool feature to explore =)

Yeah i really would love to see the above said - imo it would add a whole new dimension to the game…


I enjoy Zwift so much, I  am going to get another Tacx Neo for my wife.  We are a long-distance couple during the week, and we’re looking forward to riding together virtually.  Tandem mode would allow us, with our unequal fitness levels, to stick together during a ride, like we do on our real tandem.  Please, oh PLEASE make this happen!

Please add a virtual tandem mode!  This would be so easy to do I would think.  Combine two users power output and data to create a virtual tandem avatar!  Please Add!

I think this is a great idea for training partners at different levels. On the grand scale of things it doesn’t seem too difficult to implement and would add a new unique feature to zwift

Yes!! Please add the tandem to Zwift. Riding a tandem is great fun. Can’t wait to see this on Zwift.


it’s been a year & a half since this was suggested, as a Tech guy… I think this is relatively easy to implement… I hope it’s still being considered.

I only have a zwift account so i can cycle in the evening with my 3 year old sitting in his bike seat watching the TV. Would love a tandem mode so i can hook some childs bike up to a speed/cadence so my son and i can ride together