Tandem Races - implementation idea

A tandem team just took 3rd at gravel worlds.

I know this has been suggested before (back in 2018) but I think it bears requesting again, with the added implementation suggestion. It would be cool to have some sort of tandem racing mode. My brother lives in another state and we hang out by riding together on Zwift while talking over discord. It would be cool to race together, but we are drastically different race categories. So how about giving us a tandem mode for racing? It wouldn’t even need to be a realistic simulation, just put us on a tandem in the visuals and average all our specs (height, weight, watts, CP, etc.). That way we could compete in whatever race category we get placed in (against non-tandem riders) without screwing up the race. As a tandem team we would have a different race category (like if one of us were an A and the other a C the average might wind up being a B. But then we could race together and it would be enjoyable and interesting. Right now we just can’t race together at all.