(Steve Richards) #1

In my little business, I get a ton of people telling me what I COULD do, and no doubt you guys are getting lots of that. But I had a thought yesterday while riding. Tandem. AI+ real person tandem = weak gal keeps up with strong guy. Person + person tandem = I can ride with my GF across town = social impact = stay together while enjoying Zwift.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Steve,

You can ride tandem in Zwift! Just make sure you both log in at the same time and you can ride together :slight_smile:

The AI riders are there to just help populate the island.

(J. L.) #3

I had the same tandem thought. Adding a virtual tandem would really add to the social side. This might be a little out there, but it would be fun to have a sort of alternative course/section that would allow for things like 8 person-per-team beer/party bike races where the combined power drives the vehicle. You could also do “interval” games like rickshaw races where one person captains the bike while the other rests for a fixed duration before they switch again. This would also work for “little 500” races and the like (which I am sure you have considered).