Tandem Racing

Some time ago I participated in a D category race that had a 147Kg rider. They produced huge watts and placed well.

Checking them out I found they were a tandem team, in effect, two people powering the bike and thus the 147Kg. Sometimes only one person races and the weight is adjusted to 75Kg.

They are registered in today’s tiny races.

Am I missing something here? Is it okay for two people to power a bike in races? Seems ridiculous to me.

It’s a very niche market is tandem racing. In reality the result shouldn’t stand.

Been aware of these two racers that ride as one for some time, first and foremost they aren’t likely to trouble the podium on Tiny Races 1-3 today, even race 4 I think it’s going to be a big ask. Like this morning’s Tiny Races, the D field is quite small, but once again there are at least a handful of strong 1-5min riders signed up.

I always think it’s odd how so many racers register on zwiftpower with a weight and it miraculously stays exactly the same for months or years, amazing how two riders managed to stay exactly 147Kg total for their tandem career. :wink:
But then you get other riders who suddenly gain/lose a number of Kg, despite racing frequently, such as a recently very successful pen D TT rider who suddenly gained 3Kg overnight, who also can’t decide if he’s 185cm or 188cm or somewhere inbetween! :rofl:
And others who will change their weight twice on a single day! :joy:

Regarding this tandem pair, I presume they use a height of 180cm, based on the tallest of the two. But should they be adding at least a decent % of the shorter rider, to account for the aero drag of two riders? :thinking: