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Hi Anyone,

Help … as losing my mind … I never ever thought smart turbo training could prove so difficult and frustrating and put you over the edge .

Set up Smart turbo in garage detached from the house .

Using an IPAD from several years ago … Think it’s an Air model…& then tried iPhone 8

Contacted Zwift and went through their schedule of actions for WiFi/ blue tooth drop outs … in case that was the problem.

Purchase a WiFi booster as turbo in garage and live in a rural area.
Changed channels on router etc
Switching on and of WiFi
Moving iPad closer to turbo etc
Change position in garage etc
New tyre on wheel as the last one was shredding due to drop -outs ( so Zwift says as I sent them packets of the rides.)

I keep losing power in terms of cycling along in a ride … could be at 30kph and then drop to 1 or 2 kph which could last for 10 mins and then turbo kick in again … For another few mins and then back to a lower kph as if turbo has stopped temporarily again! no wonder my tyre is mush and burning :hot_face:

Any advice please or anyone with same issues ?

Thanks Brian

Do you have fluorescent lights in the garage? They can disrupt the bluetooth signal.

Hi Brian, welcome to the Zwift forum.

Have you adjusted the roller to make good contact with the roller. Tire shredding is usually due to a wheel that is not inflated to the correct pressure or a tire that does not make good contact with the roller.

I looked at some of your rides and your cadence seem extremely high (122RPM avr with 175RPM max).

Look at this video on to adjust your trainer roller, you can skip to 3:40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLwc_7gg8RU

hey Mike…

Yes fluorescent lights in garage exactly …
wow will give it a try in the dark and see if that one works.

Thanks for the post.


Hi Gerrie,

Thanks for the post…

I have adjusted it so many times …

I think tyre shredding is down to me dropping out of Zwift programmes and I just continue pedalling on at 1 or 2 kph which is excruciating …

I will however look again at the video clip

Thanks Brian

Even if you drop out of zwift, your wheel should not spin on the trainer.

Are you using a trainer tire or a road tire?

Tacx bespoke turbo tyre Paul , thanks

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Thanks Gerrie, will defo look at it again .

That could be an issue … all right !

Will defo look at video …

I found Zwift so much more interested and offering practical help/support than Tacx. Tacx were absolutely abysmal …



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