Tacx vortex, android 11, pixel 2, trainer difficulty resistance change problem

Hi all,

So I have been zwifting the past few weeks using a pixel 2xl paired with a tacx vortex. I am a beta tester on android (android 11) .

I calibrate regularly, like after every warm up, as I heard the vortex needs it and I like it for consistency over time. I normally do free rides, or workouts in erg mode with no perceived problem with resistance. I can pedal along in erg mode no problem whilst doing a workout at a given resistance.

I have started racing over the last few days and I am wondering if what I describe below is normal or a problem with my setup.

The first problem was that, with zwift on pixel, the trainer difficulty slider was missing. I managed a short fix by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Slider was usable briefly and then disappeared. I have emailed support however I wonder if the next problem is linked.

The reason this came to light at all is that I spin out at 200 watts on basically every negative incline. I then realized the trainer difficulty slider was missing and wasn’t sure if this affected my ride.

My main problem however is that when I race the resistance does not change as expected.

My problem is that, whilst cycling along on a 0% gradient, the resistance will change from not much to a lot but only for a couple of seconds and then back. I feel this change resembles something like 0% to 5% gradient resistance. This will happen every 10 seconds or so for the 0% section, stays equal on hills. I have read of trainers and delayed gradient change so I was wondering if this could be it.

The resistance does not change the same way when I free ride on the same routes, when I am not racing, the resistance stays the same over the 0% sections of the same route and I can put out the same power and I do not spin out.

But when I race the same sections in a race the resistance changes every few seconds and I change gears up and down in order to keep my cadence. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and got the trainer difficulty slider back (albeit briefly) and I set it to 10% but it didn’t appear to change anything and then it disappeared when I reopened settings.

Doesn’t feel normal but I want to ask if anyone else has any similar experience with the android app or trainer. It doesn’t feel normal but I have only done 4 races.

Thanks for you input in advance.

Hi all,
Just in case any one else has any of these problems.

I have started using my pc and I have no problems at all. I think all of the problems were to do with my pixel and the android beta app. Maybe that post is useful for devs.

Anyhow now I am problem free.