Tacx Vortex - resistance is backwards

When I enter Just Ride, Zwift is easing off on uphills and cranking up the resistance on downhills.  On a steep uphill I can crank out 600W without breaking a sweat, but on a -5% downhill I have to stamp hard on the pedals to keep above 50W.  Any idea what’s going on?  I’ve got the latest firmware, not conflicting bluetooth connections or other apps vying for attention.

I noticed the same inverse resistance in workouts that don’t have a fixed power level, which enables the manual changing of resistance - reducing resistance in the app increases resistance in the trainer, so zero resistance in the app is like climbing a steep hill. 

However, when specific power levels are set the resistance acts as I’d expect - increasing when my power goes too high and decreasing when my power is too low.

And I’ve run through calibration multiple times, both using the Tacx app and in Zwift itself.

We’re currently tracking this issue on the KICKR, but hadn’t heard of it on the Vortex. I’ve created an email ticket for you from this post so we can get more details; keep an eye on your inbox for a message from us.

If anyone else is experiencing this, please submit an email ticket. Thanks!