TACX Votex smart problem

Hi everyone!

I’m new to all this, I did a race and an FTP so far for which I averaged 251W and a 239W FTP.  I’m quite heavy (240lb) and I cannot stand on the bike, the resistance is never hard enough plus I’m always is the 3-4 hardest gears while maintaining 90 rpm cadence.   I have done the calibration with the TACX software and everything seems ok.  Is this normal, is there something wrong with my Tacx Vortex not giving enough resistance to the wheel?  Could the problem be with Zwift?




Do you feel the resistance increasing when going uphill Simon?

I suspect at those FTP figures and weight you are too much for the trainer.  I swapped from a Tacx Flow which could only peak 800W to a Neo.  Even at my slender 73kg on hill climbs I could over power it.  Yours only supports something like a max6 or 8% gradient simulation and beyond that you will over power it.  No such issues on my direct drive Neo.

Are you running a trainer tyre and have you set the tyre resistance correctly?



 I agree with the above comments, you are giving out too much power for the resistance to trouble you.  If you are feeling the resistance on hills then you have things set correctly.  On a flat course with your power output it’s entirely possible you are able to maintain rhythm in the high gears.

I too had a Vortex and even on the steepest gradient never had to use the inner chainring, I could always push in the bigger ring.  After using the Vortex for 2 years I upgraded to the Neo and believe me it’s made a massive difference.  I cannot push much above 8% incline in the big ring.  If you stick on the flat the Vortex will be fine but if you want more realism then I’m afraid you’re too powerful for the Vortex. 


Thanks very much for the answers, yes I do feel a difference on hills and I do have a training tire. At least I know the trainer isn’t defective, perhaps I sell it and buy a better one…