Inconsistent values of power

Power (and I think cadence also) show inconsistent values. For example in Tempus Fugit when starting I see higher values of power in 0% than in 2% at the beginning when I am doing a higher effort… this is really discouraging…

What is your setup?

I am using a tacx vortex trainer

I rode a vortex for a year with Zwift and for the most part it was pretty decent. Did have a few issues (mainly NYC I believe) where resistance was delayed until I had already gotten over a hill and was on the downhill. That sucked.

But to your issue. I assume you have done a calibration of the trainer in the Tacx Utility app? You mentioned putting down more watts on the flats, did you feel the resistance increasing when on a grade? How are you connecting the Vortex to Zwift (ANT+ or Bluetooth)? Are you connecting directly to Zwift (if so what platform are you using) or bridging through the companion app? Are you on the most recent Zwift update?

Sorry for all the questions but they can help us try and figure this out for you.

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Yes I did a calibration with tacx app yesterday
In fact when I ride just using the tacx utility dashboard the values look correct
Yes I feel resistance increasing on a grade but for example I feel comfortable at 150w and then I start suddenly to find it harder and power goes down to 30! In steps of 15/20
I use bluetooth
I connect direct to zwift and use the companion in the mobile

Does your cadence stay the same once you get on a grade? Are you staying in the same gear on the climb as you were on the flats?

I’ve found there is a slight lag between the grade on screen and the resistance on the turbo which depends on how much inertia the flywheel has. Spinning up your cadence prior to hitting the slope will help ease the transition. You can also play around with the trainer difficulty setting (it’s at 50% by default) to find a level you are comfortable with.

I tried everything and I tell you this is not normal…
In fact everything changed yesterday since I am using my tablet instead of the PC but it also happens that zwift version has changed…