Tacx Utility - where to download?

(John (Chemo) Chappers) #1

Can anyone tell me how I get a copy of the Tacx Utility app? Its not available for android and the ios app store doesn’t show the app when I click the link via the phone.

Need to update the firmware on the new Tacx bushido to link to zwift but cant get hold of it.


Any help appreciated.

(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #2

I just tried to look it up for you and don’t see it in the iOS store anymore either!  I’m going to keep looking into this and I’ll let you know what I find out, but in the meantime, you may want to contact support@tacx.com as they would be best-equipped to answer.

(John (Chemo) Chappers) #3

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for your reply, but don’t bother I found out why… Tacx have pulled that app from the store, to fix bugs and dont expect it to be back on line until middle of next week. So my new smart trainer is going to stay a dumb trainer for a few more days. :frowning:

(John (Chemo) Chappers) #4

Makes you wonder, what was so wrong with the app that they had to pull it from the app store, and how vulnerable are those smart TT’s using the current version of the Tacx firmware??

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #5

I saw a comment that it was able to brick a Neo, hence the withdrawal.

(J O'Connor) #6

Try hooking your Bushido up anyway, I bought one 3 days ago and the firmware was already updated to allow Zwift to control the trainer.  Which was a result as the Mrs had forgotten her iPad app password…


Get on, get pedaling and then search for smart trainers in the setup and you should see something like ANT12345-FEC. (Don’t forget to set the trainer resistance to 100%!)

(John (Chemo) Chappers) #7

John, that was my first course of action, but no luck, its on the old firmware. Yours must be the 2015/16 model, mine was in the sales and is the 2014/15 model.

(Jesper Veis (DBR)) #8

her in europe it is still in appstore ?

(Jesper Veis (DBR)) #9


(John (Chemo) Chappers) #10

All sorted now thanks, got the new update yesterday and update my firmware with no issues.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #11

Yup, looks like the Tacx Utility is now back online.