Tacx Utility App Latest Firmware & Zwift Non Compatible?


   I run a tacx vortex smart (bought in october) with the elevation response turned off in the game   because of bad knees.All was great until I downloaded the tacx utility and updated the firmware yesterday.I also checked calibration of the trainer yesterday before the download but didn’t change anything as it was still ok.Immediately I noticed I had to pedal faster on Zwift for the same watts.Previously  I needed 82rpm for 320watts.Now I need 88rpm.I used the tacx app (not utility) to impose a 2% slope and things seem to be as they always were (it feels to me this is what zwift does so there is some resistance to those who turn elevation/climbing response off so we don’t spin like a washing machine).I updated to firmware version 3.1.13/0.2.7 which is the latest as of writing.Just thought I’d make you aware but also I don’t like the higher cadences and was happy where I was.Any fix?