Tacx Road Feel on London course?

(Robin Grant) #1


Are there any plans to map Tacx Road Feel to the London course? There’s quite a few places where this could be done (mostly on the London underground sections) - currently none of the wooden planked sections are using Road Feel :frowning:

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Robin,  we will be trying out road feel on those exact sections this week, and if we think it fits we’ll release it in the next update.

(Robin Grant) #3

Hey Jon - that’s great! Looking forward to trying it out!

(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #4

I was riding in London for some years and the last thing I want is the feeling of those roads!!! (all I wanted was for the feeling to go away).

Now I live in Scotland and things have certainly NOT improved, doh!

(Clive Johnson WBR(C)) #5

Rode London last night and in the Tube (Underground) section where the rails are covered with wooden boards I could sense the ‘road feel’ on my Tacx Neo - i like the feature!