Tacx Neo - Choice of disabling road patterns

(Andreas Germann) #1

While I like this feature there are times where I’d rather have a workout without the road pattern vibration. Would be great to have a menu item allowing you to switch it on and off.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Andreas,

Actually, it’s in the Settings Menu in-game :slight_smile: Also, it is automatically disabled for workouts.

(Andreas Germann) #3

Hi Eric

That’s weird, I could have sworn that it wasn’t there when I checked yesterday.

Anyway, thanks for the quick answer and for having this option!


(Jesus Bigjuergo) #4

i do not see any road patterns when i start up with my taxc neo. 

how can i activate them?

i have the latest firmware on neo.

(Garth Mortensen) #5

Strange. I have a Tacx Neo as well, and don’t see any such option. Maybe because it’s not currently paired. I bet this is the problem. Will see next time.



It was a few months ago, but I believe the solution was to re-launch Zwift with the Tacx Neo powered up. The new option appeared once the Neo was connected, setup, taken on a test ride and restarted. I believe that after restarting, the new option appeared, and you could enable/disable. With the settings now saved, it automatically launches with the saved configurations.

(Shane Fenton) #6

Zwift can you clarify “automatically disabled”? Do you mean it automatically toggles to off, but can be overridden in the settings during a workout to be ON? Or does this mean regardless of if the setting is on or off, it’s disabled during a workout?

I turned it ON during a workout but didn’t feel the road effects. Unfortunately this is my 2nd Tacx Neo in a month, so I’m hoping this isn’t an issue with my device specifically.



(Garth Mortensen) #7

Hi Shane, try turning the ‘road feel’ setting on, biking a minute, then restarting Zwift. I think it didn’t work for me until restarting the software.

(johan potgieter) #8

Hi I my setting function has no option for road feel on and off… The last entry is workout pain effect