Neo 2 T disable Road feel

I have a Neo 2T. I have set the Road Feel to 0% with the Tacx app.
Now when I ride routes with Zwift, I have that annoying road feeling again. My neighbours don’t like the noise. How can I switch off the road feel?

Has someone an idea?

I assume you’ve turned it off in game too?

Like mentioned above, the setting in the Tacx app doesn’t affect road feel in Zwift. You need to go to the settings in game and toggle road feel off. IIRC, it is either on or off in Zwift so not like the Tacx app where you can decrease it’s affect.

thank you for the quick answers.
I have only been using Zwift for a short time. Where can I find this setting?

Don’t have a screen shot. But once you spawn in world go to menu and settings (where you change trainer difficulty) and there should be an option for road feel to turn it off

Great. I found it.
I was just too stupid, I was in the menu but hadn’t seen the setting.
Thanks for the help.


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