Tacx Neo, Apple TV - malfunctioning ERGmode

Hi, did a workout today with Watt problems. On almost all intervals I ended up way under prescribed Wattage and was urged to increase power despite even and high cadence. No lagging with the connection otherwise. On the rest periods it more or less always showed to high wattage. Did almost the same work out yesterday and it worked flawlessly.

Software was upgraded on both Neo and Zwift and the workout file created by friend is thoroughly tested.

Any ideas on what went wrong?!?

HI @Bengt-Erik_Olsson_SZ
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Looking at your session logs on our server, today’s session used game app version 1.0.43784. The latest version for iOS 1.0.43801 was released on the App Store yesterday, so it’s puzzling why you were not prompted to update today. Do you have auto-update disabled?

Your iPhone 11 appears to be running iOS 13.1.3, which is also not the current version. There are valid reasons either way to auto-update your operating system or not, but Zwift recommends you download Apple’s latest patches.

Would you update your phone OS and the game app and let us know if this clears it up after you next session?

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Thanks for a s(z)wift reply!

Doing all Zwifting through Apple TV. Maybe the Zwift app on the Apple TV auto updated when I pulled the plug before writing on the forum? Latest version there now. Also updated the phone while at it. Will do another workout on Friday so we’ll see how it works.

Thanks again for helping me out!