TacX Neo and Wahoo HRM stop working during an interval workout in Zwift

Hi everyone,
I just started the Zwift training plan and unfortunately i am unable to move forward due to equipment issues. I am running Zwift on Windows 10 lenovo laptop with ANT+ antenna in the USB port connected to Tacx Neo and Wahoo Tickr HRM. in the middle of the workouts, about 15+ minutes in, I see that the HR goes to 0 and at the same time, the resistance in the trainer ‘gets stuck’ at the low interval wattage. I m unable to increase the watts and also unable to pair get the signal back onto the HRM.
I was able to complete the session WITHOUT the HRM monitor without any issues. My setup hasn’t changed and this issue has started to recur with various interval workouts.
I have changed the battery, used TACX utility for firmware updates and error checks.
It’s really frustrating having to warm up twice to complete a training session or just flat out dropping the session due to tech issues.
Please help!!!

It sound like your HR monitor is causing the problem. Did you change the battery. check if you don’t have another device that try to connect to the HR monitor.

Also moisten the HR strap before putting it on.

These are a few easy things to check and I hope this help.