Resistance and heart rate?


All of a sudden some issues have turned up that annoys me while Zwifting.

I’m riding a wahoo kickr and except for connectivity issues here most have been working fine.

However a few months ago I lost my resistance connectivity and it seems it only works when I connnect my kickr as power meter instead of my own power pedals from garmin.

Furthermore, from one day to the other, my garmin heart rate monitor fell out. Which means it is registered, but just measures 0 no matter what I do. The same monitor works fine with my garmin edge computer.

I tried searching around and trouble shooting, but I gave up and started riding outside instead, but now the winter is too crazy in Denmark and I need for it to work.

Any suggestions?

I have a Tacx Neo and NGeco powermeter. After starting Zwift the powermeter is paired for power source and cadence - I must unpair both, pair Tacx for power, than I can pair Tacx for resistance and select powermeter for power and cadence. Has been like this forever…

Can’t help you with HR - are you sure it is not paired with some Garmin device or app?

I have the same issue with both a Polar Verity Sense and Polar OH1. Both connect but only show 0 for heart rate. I’ve never had an issue previously. I’m hoping it is a bug that will be fixed in an update soon.

Thank you for the suggestion.

I will have to try unpairing and see if that helps.

With regards to the HR monitor: All of my garmin devices (watch and computer) should be turned off while I ride on my home trainer. I don’t think this is the answer.

Hi @Bo_Jessen welcome to Zwift forums.

You have to pair to the trainer’s Power Bluetooth (“BLE”) signal before its Resistance signal begins broadcasting. Over BLE, there is a delay of ~10 seconds between the time Power is recognized and Resistance begins to “advertise” (i.e. is visible to Zwift). Expect this delay - it is normal over Bluetooth. Side note for those who have an ANT+ USB dongle for their Mac / PC: ANT+ signals broadcast and are picked up almost instantaneously.

For folks like you who use power meter cranks / pedals / rear hub as your preferred Power data source - manually disconnect the trainer’s Power signal after the trainer’s Resistance signal is paired.

This seems to work. Thanks! Now I just need to make my HRM work somehow, it seems that it registers, but doesn’t read any heart rate on the wahoo app either.

Any ideas?

Are you using the Wahoo app and Zwift at the same time? If yes - don’t do that.

Most HR straps have only one BT channel. My Polar H10 has two (the second was disabled by default and I had to enable it via the Polar Beat app first). Check what yours support.

I sometimes also get the 0 bpm issue. I think it is because Zwift somehow remembers the last BT HR strap that was connected. The workaround is to first pair to one device (e.g. my phone running TrainerRoad) and then to go through the pairing screen in Zwift which should find the second BT channel. This has always worked for me.

Ideally, for your Garmin Edge unit, make sure that it always connects to the Ant+ channels. That way it will not interfere which BT channel that Zwift reads. You can ensure that in the Edge Sensors setting by disabling specific BT sensor.

Then the only issue will be the resistance that Shuji mentioned above. If Garmin Edge is connected first and is in control of the resistance, then it will have priority over Zwift. The quick fix is to power off the Garmin unit and then power back on which will put Zwift to the driver’s seat.

No, I never use the wahoo app, it was just to see if I could update something.

I use the Garmin HRM Dual. It says that it has no limits with ANT-connections and that it can connect two Bluetooth Low Energy devices - whatever that means.

I have never had other HRM connected while zwifting, because I found out that my normal Garmin HRM that I used outdoors didn’t support kickr/Zwift.

I just tried connecting my edge via BLE, it just meant that the sensor fell out in Zwift. Otherwise no change.