Resistance and Heart Rate

Hi, everytime I set myself up to ride on Zwift on yahoo kickr everything connects, but as soon as I start riding my heart rate monitor and resistance drop out, it says connection failure, I can then reconnect the resistance but not the watch, this happens everytime. My partner uses all the same equipment, apart from our watches, and very rarely has this issue. Is this you can advise on as its very frustrating. Many thanks Louise

Hy Louise,
I experience the same issue with TACX NEO 2T and Garmin Edge 830 + HRM. When I use the HRM Dual heart rate chest strap and a ANT+ USB Stick to also see the heart rate on ZWIFT resistance drops.
When I remove ANT+ USB and restart ZWIFT resistance works but wo HR.

Curious if there is a fix to this :slight_smile: