Tacx Neo and ERG resistance consistency

( Lookmumonehand Com) #1

Anyone else experiencing resistance inconsistency when riding a selected ride such as Johns Mix or SST with ERG on…? Since recent upgrades I’m finding the resistance biting then dropping. I don’t get the inconsistency when joining an ‘event’ where I ride without ERG.

As an example this evening i’m Riding Johns Mix with multiple 10 secs sprints at 730w. If I am on a flat course with 0% gradient no issues. Where there is a gradient and ERG is meant to level that out and allow a consistent resistance if was giving the feeling of slipping. I was spinning at 140rpm then resistance kicking in and then coming off the rpm to avoid blowing my knees up.

This is only started to happen recently from the past 2 years not an issue… seems to be a ERG aligned issue.

Turbo is brand new, am on my 2nd one after burning that one out so I know the unit is ok. All latest software version on the Neo, the iPad with the companion and Apple TV…