Wildly changing resistance behavior with Neo

So yesterday I’m just riding along on my Neo, climbing the long slope on the Watopia Mountain Loop, grade was about 5-6%, cadence was about 90 and power was about 260W when all of sudden the resistance just went away and I’m spinning fast and easily. It felt like I had abruptly gone over the top of the climb but the grade still said 5% on the screen. I upshifted a few gears and got the crank torque and power reading to come back up to where it felt right. Weirdly, even though I was in a much higher gear and still turning 90rpm my speed remained back down where it should be for that kind of power and grade. From there on I really didn’t have to shift gears the rest of the ride. No matter where I was on the course I just pedaled 90rpm and the power stayed in the same range, even though the on-screen speed was all over the place depending on the grade (as one would expect at a steady power). I paused and checked the pairing screen – everything looked normal. My “difficulty” setting was a little above 50%, where it had been for many rides prior. I was not using workout mode but it felt for all the world like Erg mode. Today things seem back to normal. When I go up a grade I have to shift down. When I go downhill I shift up. As it should be. Any ideas what that was about? I’d really like to avoid it happening again. The Neo has been awesome so far. I’d hate to think it has some kind of fundamental flaw.

Past posts that seem similar have recommended uninstalling and reinstalling software. Given how looooong it took to get the software installed the last time I’m extremely reluctant to do this.

Addendum: this happened again today. It has something to do with the mobile app, which I am starting to loathe. So I was climbing the very steep road to the radio tower when the resistance just melted away. I got a note on the mobile app saying it would reconnect after I locked my screen or some such (difficult to read it when you’re riding hard.) I poked and prodded and nothing seemed to happen. But a few minutes later I went to hit the U-turn button on the mobile app and the resistance came back up. Wth?