Tacx Neo 2 - cadence sensor shows 0 (Ant+ Win10)

Seems to be working via Android Tacx app (cadence is shown in there).

Can’t see the cadence thought on my Zwift (tried on laptop and PC with 2 different Garmin Ant+ dongles).

It is new Neo 2, had Neo before and I think it worked fine.

Does it mean that I’ve got faulty item ???

Unfortunately got a faulty item :frowning: The Tacx app was reading my Garmin cadence sensor and not Neo :confused: (hard to know the serial number of every ant device ;))

Tacx confirmed faulty cadence sensor. Don’t think it is Tacx fault as it was delivered by a Yodel.

Security foil around the box was ripped all around and box had a mark from a drop.

Neo 2 seemed to be well packed, but drop from a van it is not something that many devices will survive.

Force your shop not to use Yodel !

Now I have to wait ~ 7 days for a replacement.