Tacx Fortius and I-Magic

 I have a Fortius and someone who has a I-Magic is running Zwift by piggy backing using Tacx software to adjust the grade. So a Speed cadence sensor for Zwift and USB connection to Tacx Software. By altering the grade in the Tacx software he can mirror the grade changes in Zwift. He does this manually on a ride. Has any one tried downloading a Zwift ride with the elevation data from a smart trainer and using it  in TTS GPS mode. I did it once but I did not run Zwift at the same time. The problem I could see is the virtual speeds. Matching the speed on TTS and Zwift, so you did not get out of sync with position. Has anyone experimented with this? I guess you could adjust the speeds by all of the following Weight, Trainer Difficulty  and trainer type in Zwift. Power setting and weight in TTS. 

You can operate a Tacx Fortius / I-Magic as a smart resistance trainer on Zwift if you own two ANT+ USB dongles in conjunction with the following software:


Works really well using a raspberry PI 1. Generation between Tacx 1932 and first Ant+ Dongle!