Tacx Fortius

Does someone know if you can use a Tacx Fortius for Zwift.
Here you can see an image of the Tacx. If possible what do you need to Zwift with the Tacx Fortius?

Greets Wout

I believe you would need to speed sensor on the wheel and you’d class it as a classic trainer. https://support.zwift.com/en_us/zpower-setup-r1XjaXbxr

If you want it to be like a smart trainer and change resistance and measure power more accurately then see post below.

From “the Unofficial Tacx Site”:
"If you have the old Fortius trainer and want to use Zwift or Trainer Road, then you’re in luck. A chap called Wouter has written a little applet that enables a USB-connected Tacx trainer to communicate with Zwift and Trainer Road.

Check out the applet on github:"

I have not tried it but have my Fortius in storage in case my Neo dies.


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