Tacx Flux S - ERG no longer working [Game version 1.59.0, iOS device]

I am running ZWIFT on an iPad Pro since about 3-4 years with no issues but since last week the ERG mode is no longer working with my Tacx Flux S.

When I toggle the ERG button in game the app does not show the usual “continue spinning smoothly to reactivate erg….” Message. No matter how long I turn it off or on it doesn’t work.

Repaired trainer
Tried with BT and ANT
Calibrated in tacx app
Latest firmware on all the hardware

Other members in my cycling club have reported problems with the flux s in the past and erg and simply stopped using it but that can’t be the solution?

Welcome to Forums @Flo_D It’s Juan a Zwift colleague. I appreciate you taking the time to point out your issue on this space. I’ve checked your account from my end, and I saw that you have experiencing several Bluetooth disruptions coming from your Tacx Flux S. Certainly, Issues with BLE connections are complex and often difficult to pin down. BLE signal is easy to disrupt, though some causes are far more common than others. For example, the most common cause of this issue is “Diverted Pairing” which is when your device is pairing to another app or another device (like your phone or computer directly) instead of just the Zwift app.

I encourage you to take a look at this article ​to rule out the possible causes you could fit in, there you will find some troubleshooting. On the other hand, It doesn’t hurt to review this guide about ERG mode troubleshooting.

If after identifying whether or not you might experience one of those scenarios and the problem persists, I hope you don’t mind try the suggestion below.

I’d like to recommend you to have you test ERG mode via the Tacx app. Include info for contacting Garmin Support, so they can speak with you if they need help testing the trainer. This stems from the fact that I’d like to isolate the issue to confirm if it happens only on Zwift.

Then, I encourage you to share your results at zwift.com/contact-us.We would be delighted to continue assisting you.