Tacx Flow smart - ERG mode disconnects after longer rides

Hello Community, last week i started my first ADZ (alp du zwift) ride, but suddenly the ERG Mode stopped working probably after ±1 hour of riding. The resistance stopped completely for a few seconds and reconnected again automaticaly (in intervals of ± 5 minutes).
Very frustrating to finish the route.
A few days ago i tried the ADZ in workout mode and the same problem appeared again after. I dropped the FTP and could finish without another disconnect.

Is this a problem of overheating?!
Maybe any advice :)?

Thank you

Welcome to the forums @Sven_Ekelmann_Svenee Sven.

Looks to be a bit of a common problem for high resistance climbs (or in your case high resistance workouts). The link in the first post below that goes off to Garmi has some insightful posts mentioning feedback from Garmin Support… worth a read.