ERG problems

Hi, I’m using a tacx flux smart roller with Zwift. Since the tacx update in early November the ERG mode doesn’t work properly in Workouts anymore. The presetted resistence of 180watts fluctuates from 0 to 300 within seconds. it’s impossible to do workouts like this. When the resistence is around 100 - 130 watt, the problem does not appear.

Does anybody have the same problem or does know how to solve this?

Thanks for letting me know.

Regards, Martina

hi i use thefree ride mode to get some really hard sessions in after creating trag programme i use 20 mins warm up them 90 min free ride in Watopia even the little gradients push your power up by50 or 60 watts even more on sand and sequinas route hope that helps i also use tacx flux