Tacx cobbled road feel [France] [1.34] [April 2023] [SOLVED]

Any reason France has gained huge cobbled sections with 1.34? Its not great looking at the screen shake for a long periods of time with no way of disabling the effect in the standard view. Plus anyone racing 1.33 v 1.34 is going to have a higher rolling resistance as cobbles are slower.

I thought they should be event only just for the cobbled classics races are you seeing them elsewhere?

1.34 adds them as standard or its a bug.

Yes it was in a Group Ride i did with Cryo-Gen…there was a request to keep the Cobbles in France cause it makes racing more interesting.

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a request that was actioned?

last i heard @James_Zwift said it was only in events as it was an event tag

I hope not as its horrible, it should not be forced on everyone. Nothing wrong with it being activated when requested on events though.


is it just a visual road surface thing or does it make the screen bounce around too?

Screen is bouncing.

nasty! can’t see why anyone would want that!

hopefully it is only for events in that case.

I am not sure if this helpful (no video footage), but…

A friend of mine just did a workout on France (Douce France), (running 1.33) - but whilst they could see normal roads the whole time, I was fan viewing them (when running 1.34) - and it looked like they were riding on cobbles from the vineyard up to the aqueduct KOM start (there were a couple of breaks in them, but only a matter of meters each time). The cobbles then continued from the “other” KOM start until about 20 meters before the Pavé sprint start. After leaving the town, the road returned to normal (alongside the sunflowers out towards the Mont Sant Michel coastline) - but there were no cobbles sections during the bits where the river switches back and forth (which I remember from stage 1 of april’s racing series). They called it a day on the northern section near MSM, so I’m not sure if there is anything else out of place on the run in back to the marina sprint.

If you’ll forgive the terrible MSPaint action - I’d estimate the new 1.34 “bonus” cobbles in the following bits of road (I’d like to hop on and see what the case is in and around the petit KOM as well as the marina → MSM, but I’m a little too under the weather to even think about that right now):

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from the aqueduct to the ballon fields, i was free riding and i’m on 1.34

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Thanks both, asking the team to look.


Hey Chris,

Couple of follow ups.

Had you taken part in one of our Cobble Crushers races recently?
Also, what platform are you using?

We’ve tested 1.34 on all French routes and we’re not seeing this happen.

No i didn’t do any of the cobble races, i’m using windows 10 and recently updated to 1.34

I’ve just launched 1.34 (PC Win 11) went to France and fan viewed riders there is cobbles both before and after aqueduct

Is it not happening when you are not fan viewing?

not sure, that would involve me getting on the bike and trying :rofl: bit busy right now for that.

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I’m trying to avoid Zwift today :joy:

I was actually riding when i saw it

at least you can call it work can get paid for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: