A thought occurred to me when riding the wooden-decked trestle bridge on Watopia (you know, the one that’s “bumpy”): wouldn’t it be a minor leap to use this feature to simulate cobbles/pave?  One could change the road graphics to look like cobbles and decrease the rider speed relative to the power being output (more power to go same speed).  Look out Roubaix, here we come!

Good idea, and I added my vote. 

Can’t believe I’m actually voting for something to reduce speed though.  :slight_smile:

We haven’t forgotten about pave :slight_smile:

Doesn’t the Richmond World Champs course have cobbles ???

I just bought the new Neo Tacx trainer and am testing it with Zwift (with the free trial, which just expired) and have a few questions.
This high tech trainer is supposed vibrate when you ride over virtual cobblestones or rough roads or boardwalks, and it is also supposed to become easier to pedal when going down hill, to the point that the flywheel spins on its on as if coasting, but none of these cool features I wanted (and paid for with the trainer) worked on the ride I just did. Is that because …

  1. you need to join Zwift to unlock these cool features or…
  2. I was in ergo mode and doing a power target based workout and these features don’t work and I need to be doing a “free ride” ?
  3. there is a problem with the Neo Trainer?

I’m going to join Zwift again anyways, but I really need these features to work…

Thank you !



Hi Ken. 

I’m not a Zwift employee, just the user who authored the original post on this thread so I get email notifications when someone comments on it.  But, it turns out, I also have a Neo.

I can’t comment on whether you only get the Neo Road Feel effects (cobbles, wooden boards, gravel roads, etc.) when you are a paid subscriber as I’m a paid user and have been since before Road Feel came out.

When you use Erg Mode in a workout, the Road Feel is turned off, as are gradients.   So, your Neo is most probably working correctly.  

Hope you enjoyed your trial and sign up so I can see you out there.  I’ve been on since the Beta and it’s done me a world of good.

Thanks Richard

I’ll check it out !