Support Tacx "Road Feel" slider

Moderator’s note: Was “Tacx NEO2: “Road Feel” does scale? (setting in Tacx app)” - originally in the Bugs & Support thread, moved to be a feature request.

Support Road Feel slider as demonstrated in the Tacx app.

Original post:

FYI - the rest of this post is historical. I placed a feature request elsewhere: make “Tacx NEO Road Feel a slider, similar to trainer difficulty.”

The NEO has this capability as evidenced by the Tacx training app where there is a setting to scale road feel. At 10-25%, it’s more like riding on plush, 700x38C low-pressure tires, similar to what you’d find on a proper endurance bike.

It also prevents “road feel” from waking up the neighbours when in use.

Using a Tacx NEO2T: in the Tacx settings app, I set the “road feel” to an arbitrarily low % (5-25%). Doing the demos in the app respects this.

In Zwift, if road feel is ON, cobblestones still feel insanely bumpy - like the whole bike is going to shake apart.

Does Zwift respect the road feel intensity setting from the Tacx app, or does it go full-send on road feel regardless of what percentage it’s set to? (running Zwift on an iPad BTW so BLE to the app, not ANT+)

Edit: misread your post.

As far as I’m aware there isn’t any correlation between settings in other apps and Zwift.

Dave, why we have to crack Zwift to get our 5% of road feel ?

No idea, ask the devs.

While devs are too busy, we need to solve our problems. Not ideal road feel, but MUCH more comfortable:

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Zwift uses this capability, but with bad coefficients. We’re all waiting for a slider. But no slider yet. Only patch: 80-100% → 20-80%. More for wood, less for rocks.

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Bumping again, because the latest stage of Tour of Watopia 2022 has highlighted why this needs to be a thing: TOW 4 - Neo 2T Gravel Feel